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Fit for Funding Training Programme

Building capacity, becoming sustainable

Reviewing and assessing the viability of small to medium Non-profit organisations

What is the Fit for Funding Training Programme about?

This Fit for funding training programme is about reviewing and assessing small to medium non-profit organisation.  This Fit for training programme is about building capacity – both on an organisational and individual staff level – and, crucially, making both ‘fit’ to attract external funding to become more sustainable.

Our Fit for funding programme provides support and challenge to senior teams, giving time to reflect on the issues of funding, sustainability and financial management. It is especially appropriate when coming towards the end of a funding partnership where it is important for the organisation to be ‘fit’ for future opportunities and challenges.

Who is this programme for?

Our Fit for funding programme is for senior teams and managers engaged with the strategic development, sustainability and growth of their organisation.  InterCHANGE will discuss your specific requirements and ensure the programme is relevant and resonates with your culture, context, challenges and opportunities.

How will the organisation benefit?

Key benefits are increased capacity and ability to attract funding making the organisation more sustainable.

There are three main aspects of the programme:

What will you learn on the Fit for funding programme?

You will be able to:

  • Confidently approach new external funders
    Develop robust management systems that stand up to external funder scrutiny
    Improve funding prospects through building organisational and individual capacity

What will you learn on the Fit for future sustainability programme?

You will be able to:

  • Develop a strategy when funding is about to end
    Develop rigorous operating models that are fit for challenging economic times
    Confidently approach funders with a winning proposal

What will you learn on the Fit for financial management ?

You will be able to:

Maintain, and make good use of, financial information
Report to funders and others on a regular basis
Improve programme quality underpinned by robust financial systems
Empower staff and trustees to optimise financial information and resources

Each of the Fit for… programme aspects can be delivered as consultancy visits, training events or coaching.

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How is this course delivered

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Group Course or Workshop


Group Course or Workshop


One-to-One Coaching
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