Does Diversity and Inclusion Training Work?

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Does Diversity and Inclusion Training Work? By Olivea Ebanks, InterCHANGEpd Associate The way we treat each other is a topic that often finds its way into our private conversations and is regularly in the news. For example, Starbucks has been in several headlines recently because it’s staff called the police on two black men for sitting [...]

What Drives Our Mindset

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What Drives Our Mindset? By Karen Tidsall, Founder and Director, InterCHANGEpd Definition: ‘Mindset’ - the established set of attitudes held by someone. Ever seen someone and made an instant decision that you did not like that person? Or, have you been in a situation where you feel you have understood what’s happening, only later to [...]

Slow Down, listen – Avoid Work Overload

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Avoid work overload – slow down and listen! By Catherine Hamilton, InterCHANGE  People Development Associate Slow Down When time is against us we can automatically speed up – that includes our movements, thinking and our speaking. But what if we slowed down in order to make better use of the time available to us? After [...]

Good Budgeting Supports Financial Sustainability

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Good Budgeting Supports Financial Sustainability The three key steps to good budgeting If you want to know about financial management for an organisation, you need to understand how it budgets. If you know what is happening in three key areas, the budget itself, the budget and actual comparison and the cash flow forecast, everything else [...]

KISS Key to Prioritising

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KISS is the Key to Prioritising By Diana Beckford, InterCHANGE People Development Associate It’s easy to get completely obsessed with our to-do-lists, in fact, it can take as much time preparing that list as trying to achieve the tasks that we’ve added to it!  In all likelihood, we’ve added many more items to the list, [...]

Plan, Do, Check, Act

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Plan, Do, Check, Act! By Antonio Angellilo, InterCHANGE Associate Raise the quality of work done and improve your organisation’s outcomes, by using – Plan, Do, Check, Act process The Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle is a simple model that describes the steps and sequences required to improve an activity. The PDCA model was creating [...]

Effective Customer Care

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Effective Customer Care Handling Difficult Behaviours Claire Gold of InterCHANGE People Development delivering an invigorating and insightful course at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust exploring good practice in delivering effective customer care in November 2013. Why Effective Customer Care is important? Staff members who understand and meet customers’ needs are pivotal to their [...]

12 Top Interviewing Tips

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12 Top tips for Interviewing by Marisa Angelillo, InterCHANGE Associate Interviewing is a two-way process and it is important that the interviewee finds out as much as possible about your job, so that they can make the right decision. Make sure you are prepared, you have read the CV/application form, you have your interview questions, [...]