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Overcoming Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

How experiences, culture, bias and values, drive thinking and behaviour.

What is the Unconscious Bias Training in the Workplace course about?

Research demonstrates that we all harbour unconscious biases. The good news is that enhanced awareness and training can create an inclusive culture that identifies and helps eliminate these hidden biases.  Article Author: Neal Goodman, Ph.D.

Unconscious bias training is about helping people become more aware of how experiences, culture, bias and values, whether conscious or unconscious, drive thinking and behaviour.

Who is Unconscious Bias Training in the Workplace course for?

Our tailored Unconscious bias training programme can be adapted for different levels and job functions from new starters through to senior teams.  InterCHANGE will discuss who wishes to attend the training and what their specific requirements are.

How will the organisation benefit?

The nurturing of higher levels of consciousness will lead to decision making and working practices being better informed and less vulnerable to unwitting discrimination. This in turn helps create inclusive workplaces where people feel valued and able to fully contribute.

What will you learn on the course?  – a typical course content

You will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of unconscious bias and how personal prejudices are formed
  • Become more conscious of your own unconscious bias, prejudice and assumptions
  • Examine how values influence behaviour and what impact this can have on decision making
  • Explore ways to reduce/eradicate instances of unwitting discrimination in organisational practices and performance management
Overcoming Unconcious Bias Training

How is this course delivered

Classroom or Workshop

Group Course or Workshop

One to One Coaching

One to One Business Coaching
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