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Heart-Centered Meditation Programme

Be calm under pressure, creative and resourceful 

This programme offers 6 x weekly meditation sessions of 30 minutes and combines Heart-Centered Meditation with Breathing Practices.  Each session will be recorded and available for a week to enable participants to develop a daily practice between sessions.


Heart-Centered Meditation is simple and deeply transformative.  Daily practice for just six weeks can lead to a calm and alert mind, open heart, and happier life.   Such a state of being supports creativity, problem-solving and easeful working.  These benefits only grow stronger with continued practice.

We know from scientific research and centuries of yoga practice that there is a direct connection between how we breathe and the state of our nervous system. By retraining the breath, we can help ourselves stay calm whatever the circumstances we may be facing.  Our creativity flows and a sense of ease pervades all we do when our nervous system is balanced.

People from the same organisation coming together to meditate amplify these benefits and increase the likelihood of their organisation coming into, and staying in, a coherent state.  Common signs of coherence are high levels of co-operation and collaboration, the easeful flow of activities, and enjoyment in work and life.

We are now delivering our courses via Zoom. We have had a great response to this method and it means you can continue your business and personal development. We are happy to answer any queries that you may have about the delivery. Please get in touch for more details.

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