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Management Skills Training Programme

An immersive management skills training programme that develops the all-round skills for effective business and organisation leaders and managers.

Management skills training programme

This Management Skills Training Programme is about developing the confidence and ability to successfully fulfil your managerial responsibilities.  You will be able to reflect on your management practice, develop the vision and goals for your team/department and explore ways to translate these into realistic programmes of action.

Who is this course for?

We can tailor this Management Development Training programme to meet the needs of different levels from team leaders / supervisors to senior managers.  InterCHANGE will discuss your specific requirements and ensure the training is relevant and resonates with your culture, context, challenges and opportunities.

How will the organisation benefit?

As a result of attending this management skills development training participants will know how to promote an organisational culture that supports sustainable achievement for long term success.  This enlightened management approach enables individuals and teams to contribute at their best over the long term.  This builds resilience and capacity to innovative and compete in uncertain and challenging environments.

What will you learn on the course?  – a typical course content

You will be able to:

  • Understand the principals of situational management and apply the most effective approach for the person/situation at hand
  • Provide feedback to effectively manage performance
  • Apply coaching skills to inspire, motivate and develop capabilities
  • Delegate and enable sustainable achievement
  • Grasp the nettle and having difficult conversations which seek constructive and realistic outcomes
  • Grow healthy and effective teams and organisations
  • Tune your approach to meet the needs of different working styles resulting in more effective and engaged team working
  • Creating an action plan to take learning forward
  • Arrange learning meetups / peer coaching to support sustainable learning

You can also select from the following subject areas to create a management skills training programme which will meet your specific needs. All modules / workshops can be tailored to take account of your culture, requirements and learning goals and organisational objectives. This is not an exhaustive list and other learning needs and issues can be addressed.

Role and responsibility of a manager and supervisor

Every organisation develops it is own management cultural – a way of behaving, accomplishing the task and treating staff. This session is an opportunity for participants to draw on their own thoughts and experiences to create a collective picture of ‘good practice’ in management and supervision.

Management styles

A successful manager needs to develop a range of managerial styles and approaches so that they can select and use the most appropriate approach for the person or situation they are dealing with. This session will introduce you to a range of different managerial styles, help you assess which style you tend to use and identify those styles you need to develop.

Resolving conflicts and relationship difficulties

Managing staff can sometimes be challenging and frustrating, particularly when certain issues flare up such as lateness, absence and conflicts between team members (or between you and staff members) to name but a few. This session will enable you to develop the confidence and ability to grasp the nettle and have the conversations needed to clear the air, resolve problems, and deal with frictions and conflicts between team members to pave the way for more effective working relationships.

Building and maintaining a productive and healthy team

Effective team working underpins any group endeavour, and can be a demanding and complex task. This session will deepen your understanding of team cycles and dynamics, provide an overview of the ingredients needed for effective team working and equip you with the skills and ability to chair successful meetings and facilitate creative and interactive team discussions.

Coaching to develop and support staff

Coaching is an effective tool to help people maintain the purposeful optimism and clarity of direction necessary for effective organisational performance and for personal development and satisfaction. This session will introduce you to the coaching cycle, a range of learning styles and communication skills needed to provide effective coaching to your staff.


This session will show you how to delegate in a way that motivates staff and gets the job done, on time and to the required standard.

Managing your time

This session will help you stay in charge of your working day and decide between what is urgent and what is important when prioritising tasks.

Managing pressure positively

Pressure can be positive, providing us with the spur and excitement to meet deadlines, be creative and find solutions. Too much pressure, however, can turn into energy sapping stress leaving us feeling exhausted and unable to cope. This workshop will help you to recognise the signs of stress in yourself and others and develop the ability and confidence to reduce its negative impact and stay motivated and effective at work whilst also having enough energy to enjoy your free time.

Appraisal skills

This session will enable you to explore the many benefits of appraisals and examine how to ensure they are carried out effectively and with fairness. Areas covered will include: purpose and benefits of appraisals, preparation for the appraiser and appraisee, key elements of an appraisal form, communication skills to support the appraisal discussion, setting achievable and measurable goals, monitoring performance, dealing with difficult situations and poor performance and ensuring the process is positive and motivating.

Effective service delivery

Staff members who are responsible for understanding and meeting their clients’/customers’ needs are pivotal to an organisation’s success. This work can be rewarding, is often demanding and takes considerable skill and patience to get right. You will be able to review and build on your existing skills, exchange experiences and ideas of best practice. You will also be able to experiment with new tools and techniques designed to enhance your ability to meet your service user’s needs and support your staff to do the same.

Inclusion and diversity awareness

Diversity means ‘difference’ of all types including: ways of communicating and accomplishing tasks; cultural ideas and backgrounds; religious practices and beliefs: sexuality; levels of ability; ages; gender; race; physical qualities; social background; language and accent; patterns of thinking and behaving; political opinion and education.

Working with and providing a service to a diverse range of people can be an opportunity to learn and grow and can also be frustrating and a demanding challenge. This module will help you explore and understand these many forms of diversity and how to build healthy relationships based on respect and integrity. It will also cover key elements of relevant equality legislation, the nature of prejudice and stereotyping and explore how our values and believes translate into behaviour.

Negotiating and persuasion

This session is designed to enable participants to understand the influencing and negotiating process, practice strategies allowing them to influence and negotiate more effectively, consider their own communication styles and how it impacts on others, Develop good persuasion, negotiating and communication practices such as planning outcomes, active listening skills, questioning, negotiating, developing a win: win approach and positive feedback skills.

Project management

This session will focus on providing the skills required to successfully plan, implement, monitor and evaluate projects. The course will focus on easy to use, pragmatic and up to date project management tools. There will be an opportunity to plan an actual project using techniques explored in the workshop so participants will be able to go away with a detailed plan.

Voice and presentation skills

The session is about developing your ability to communicate more effectively by using your voice to its full potential. Many people take their voice for granted and underestimate its possible impact and power. However, voice awareness and its effect on others can be developed as a powerful business tool. . This training helps you to enhance your communication style and master the ability to always deliver your intended message with the style and manner you require.

The course will be designed specifically around individuals’ and organisations’ unique needs. This adds to the image, profile and effectiveness of an organisation, especially in its communication with stakeholders, the media, staff groups etc

Recruitment and selection

This workshop is a practical introduction to behavioural and assessment interviewing and provides an overview of the selection process in relation to the relevant legislation on equal opportunities and managing diversity. You will have the opportunity to explore ways of preparing an interview panel and to learn and practice the skills and techniques needed to conduct effective interviews.

Business planning

Business planning focuses and motivates members of an organisation and leads to greater organisational effectiveness. This workshop is for those participants who are either involved in planning the work of their organisation or would like to gain insights into effective business planning including business strategy

Management Skills Training Programme

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