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Planning and Strategic Thinking Course

What is the Planning & Strategic Thinking course about?

This strategy and business planning training programme is about developing the strategic thinking skills of your managers and leaders so that they can carry out robust business planning that stays relevant by continuous learning and strategic knowledge and direction.

Well developed business planning strategies enable leaders to create sufficient structure, whilst also engaging with emergent opportunities and challenges.

This course can be delivered, based on scenarios and case studies but is also suitable for organisations that have a need to develop a real business plan during the course.

Who is the Planning & Strategic Thinking course for?

Our tailored Business Planning and Strategic Thinking course can be adapted to meet the needs of  different levels from team leaders to senior management teams.

InterCHANGE will discuss who wishes to attend the training and what their specific requirements are and, with the results of our discussion, will develop a strategic thinking skills training programme to fulfil your organisations needs.

How will the organisation benefit?

Developing your organisation’s managers and leaders strategic thinking skills, will enable them to create clear and realistic business plans underpinned by strategic intelligence.

The result will be an organisation that will be resilient and competitive and able to maximize unforeseen opportunities and respond to emergent challenges.

What will you learn on the course?  – a typical course content

You will:

  • Cultivate strategic thinking intelligence and agility skills
  • Develop business planning skills, that will enable leaders and managers to connect and adapt organisational vision and goals with changing external environments
  • Learn how to analyse internal and external environments using variety of analytical models and stakeholder analysis
  • Find ways to involve, engage and motivate staff to convert strategic business plans into realistic programmes of action
Business Planning & Strategic Thinking Course

How is this course delivered

Classroom or Workshop

Group Course or Workshop

One to One Coaching

One to One Business Coaching

Action Learning Groups

Business training group set
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