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Meet the InterCHANGE People Development Team

I wanted to say a huge thank you to InterCHANGE on behalf of The Prince’s Trust. The support you and your team have given us during the transition period has been invaluable and enabled us to continue our delivery to thousands of young people. We have particularly valued your flexibility, responsiveness and high quality mentor training provision. Joe Martin, National Head of Volunteer Development, The Prince’s Trust

“InterCHANGE provided us with an extremely experienced and sharp trainer who was instantly able to engage the audience, who was utterly unphased by difficult people and challenges – and yet had the sensitivity to respond thoughtfully and pragmatically to each individual’s issues”Joanne Heath, BFLS

The InterCHANGE team of Associate training professionals has many decades of experience of providing innovative training and coaching to individuals and organisations throughout the UK.

A quick click through the names, below, will reveal the diversity and range of the team. With such an experienced and diverse team, we can select the very best person for the job, matching the trainer to each client’s specific needs in terms of skills, knowledge and style.

InterCHANGE Associates are involved with you from the outset, consulting with you in designing the appropriate programme. And this in-depth understanding of your needs is what enables them to deliver training with significant and lasting impact.

Catherine Hamilton describing her experience of being an InterCHANGE associate

Meet the InterCHANGE Training Team

Karen Tidsall

Founder and Director

I am Founder and Director of InterCHANGE People Development.  As a trainer and coach with a 20 year track record, I have gained a broad range of experience in different environments in the public, voluntary and private sectors.

I am passionate about enabling staff and clients to develop the confidence and ability to implement new skills and approaches to achieve their goals and aspirations. I am a keen listener, well organised and able to switch from attending to detail to seizing opportunities in changing environments.

The driving force behind all my activities is to provide a quality service which combines rigour with sensitivity. My overall objective is to contribute to the creation of sustainable and diverse work environments which inspire high levels of performance and client satisfaction whilst also promoting staff well-being.
I offer training and facilitation in:

  • Assertiveness and communication
  • Coaching to inspire
  • Customer service
  • Facilitation skills
  • Well-being and managing pressure positively
  • Management, leadership and organisational development
  • Team and relationship building

I also facilitate learning sets and provide coaching for individuals and small groups. These sessions can have a particular focus such as people management or organisational development or they can be used in a more free flowing way for the person / group to explore issues and challenges they are engaged with. Coaching can be face to face, with follow-up emails and phone/Skype support.

I hold a BA in English Literature, BAC accredited Diploma in Person Centred Counselling and a certificate in Diversity Training, obtained at the Scottish Police College.  I draw on several paradigms to inform my work including complexity theory, humanistic therapy and Non-Violent Communication.  I have regular supervision which enables me to maintain a healthy perspective and keen insight.  I am committed to my on-going professional and personal development.

Karen Tidsall
Karen TidsallFounder and Director

Our Amazing Training Team

Bodhini Hridaya
Bodhini HridayaHolistic Therapist/Trainer and Manager
Catherine Hamilton
Catherine HamiltonLeadership Development
Claire Gold
Claire GoldBusiness Skills Trainer
Diana Beckford
Diana BeckfordBusiness Skills Trainer
Edward Kellow
Edward KellowBusiness Skills Trainer
Jane Selman
Jane SelmanBusiness Skills Trainer
John Cammack
John CammackBusiness Skills Trainer
Marisa Angelillo
Marisa AngelilloBusiness Skills Trainer
Michael Lassman
Michael LassmanBusiness Skills Trainer
Olivea Ebanks
Olivea EbanksBusiness Skills Trainer
Rasheed Ogunlaru
Rasheed OgunlaruBusiness Skills Trainer
Rob Neil
Rob NeilBusiness Skills Trainer
Sita Costigan
Sita CostiganWellbeing Coach and Meditation Facilitator
Tracey Willmott
Tracey WillmottLeadership Development and Coaching
Vishwam Heckert
Vishwam Heckert Well-Being Coach and Trainer