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Bodhini Hridaya

I have a strong, heart-felt commitment to inspiring others to find health and happiness through self-exploration and application of ancient wisdom and holistic practices which have brought many positive benefits to my own life. 

Over the last twenty years whilst working in the wellness industry as a Holistic Therapist/ Trainer and Manager, I have had the privilege of guiding individuals, organisations and support groups on their well-being journey.

My skill set and qualifications include:

  • Over 200 hours of yoga and pranayama training.
  • Over 300 hours of meditation teacher training, plus over twenty years of personal experience.
  • I am a qualified Holistic and Advanced Massage Therapist and Teacher Trainer.

I have been described by colleagues and clients as patient, kind, grounded, humorous and practical.

Through holding a safe and considerate space of openness and non-judgment, my aim is to aid people in cultivating self-awareness and self-love through practices such as meditation and yoga.

I also encourage self-enquiry and contemplations that support developing qualities such as compassion, clarity and self-confidence.

Following the teachings of yoga and being dedicated to my own personal and spiritual development has shown me how to live in an authentic and grounded way with purpose and meaning, bringing more peace and sweetness into my life.

It is a joy to share the fruits of my experiences with others.

I find deep connection and inspiration through music and the natural world, and I often weave sound healing and nature themes into my meditation and yoga classes.