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Michael Lassman

Business Skills Trainer

I have over thirty years’ experience as a diversity and communication practitioner and am passionate about equality and social justice which I use as a driver for all my work. I am comfortable offering individual or small group coaching, delivering training and facilitation services or as a public speaker.

In recognising that effective and positive communication is an essential aspect of organisational development and change, a key feature of successful management and learning development, I have produced a range of services to help organisations and individuals fulfil their potential by adopting best working practice.

I enable clients to develop personal and organisational communication skills, resulting in improved managerial and colleague relationships, with increased efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. I have provided services to clients of all sized from SMEs to large multi-national companies and have worked in public, private and voluntary sector organisations.

During the past five years, I have become very active in social media and recognise the importance of respectful and valuing communication in the digital (as well as the real) world. As a result, I now also offer organisations a coaching package on maximising returns from time spent on digital communication.

I have a Diploma in Organisational Gestalt, which has helped me develop a creative, inclusive and dynamic delivery style, whilst avoiding the use of PowerPoints whenever possible and maximising storytelling as a primary learning development tool.


  • Diversity and Inclusion practices
  • Disability Equality
  • Gender Equality in the workplace
  • Communication – real and digital worlds
  • Management and leadership development
  • Healing dysfunctional managerial relationships
  • Bullying and Harassment intervention
  • Change management
  • Project Management

Corporate clients include:-

  • Scottish Water
  • The Wheatley Group
  • Genpact (multi-national Indian Company)
  • Meynell Games (SME)

Public sector clients:-

  • London Boroughs of Barnet and Enfield
  • Derbyshire Fire and Rescue
  • Middlesex and Bedfordshire Universities
  • Jobs & Business Glasgow

Voluntary sector clients:-

  • Barnardos
  • Barnet Giving
  • British Polio Fellowship
  • YMCA