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Philip Barnes

Business Skills Trainer

Philip has excellent communication skills and a refreshing ability to give honest feedback. As a creative thinker he can identify inventive yet pragmatic solutions to client’s problems. His management experience and strategic thinking allows Philip to take a holistic approach to the issues encountered at both the operative level and strategic level within senior management. He uses his experience to provide clients with tailored management systems that increase their profit levels, achieve agreed goals, and promote intrinsic quality in all work activity.

Philip is able to develop rapport across many cultural barriers having successfully worked extensively on large projects throughout North America, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Latvia, France, Italy, South America, and the UK. His meticulous approach to work, coupled with an astute and analytical consultancy style has ensured customer satisfaction by measurably improving performance and increasing revenue. A forceful, loyal personality, he is an excellent public speaker and an enthusiastic motivator.

His extensive business experience at senior levels and has developed relationships with businesses around the globe as a result of his expertise. His challenging style helps organisations to realise their potential by addressing uncomfortable issues then planning improvements and supporting through to fruition.

Overview of specialist areas

Diversity awareness and equal opportunities

Philip has completed a Masters in African Peace and Conflict Resolution, and has a good understanding of cultural diversity and its potential impacts within a work environment (as well as at the national and international level). He has worked with groups to directly address these issues with organisations both in the UK and abroad. Most recently, Philip has worked with an international project group in Uganda to address cultural understanding and promote better team working.

Duties of a Company Secretary / Director

Philip is holder of the Institute of Directors ‘Diploma in Company Direction’ as well as having been a Company Director for many years. He has a good understanding and a keen interest in Corporate Governance, and has attended Board Meetings for clients in order to assess Director performance as well as coaching Directors in 1-2-1 sessions helping them meet their obligations.

Facilitation and Teambuilding

Philip has an energetic and challenging approach to both group work teambuilding and facilitation. He has a strong background in negotiation and his recent studies in International Relations have allowed a deeper understanding of the resolution process at individual and group level.

Financial Management for the non-specialist

Philip has designed and run ‘Finance for Non-Financial Managers’ many times. This includes developing policies and procedures to strengthen financial controls.  Philip is a firm believer in the importance of improving the levels of ‘financial literacy’ across all levels of the business and he takes a very pragmatic approach to both the collection and analysis of financial data.

Investors in People

Philip is an experienced Investors in People Specialist who can help you develop your approach to people strategies and ensure your business is ready to achieve recognition as an Investor in People.

Management, leadership and organisational development

Philip has many years’ experience developing management systems (including ISO 9001 systems on three continents), and has been involved in large corporate re-structuring programmes as well as assisting many SME’s improve their management structures and team working.

Project Management

As an experienced Project Manager, Philip has delivered training for many organisations across Europe. He has been directly involved in building and delivering Project Management services for some of the worlds largest sporting events. His focus has been not only delivering projects on time and within budget, but also protecting the projects team from the stresses associated with high pressure environments and building a culture of collaboration and effectiveness.