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Rob Neil

Business Skills Trainer

rob-neil-business-skills-trainer-profileRob is a qualified trainer and experienced consultant who has worked across the public, private and voluntary sector to deliver a range of diversity, leadership and personal development programmes.

Rob was born in London and grew up in the London Borough of Brent where he enjoyed a happy, yet challenging childhood. After managing a career in central government spanning 25 years and a diverse range of disciplines including ; civil law, I.T. and Human Resources, Rob was invited to launch an Employee Engagement Network across the Ministry of Justice which employees 80,000 staff.

Rob’s style of facilitation is highly interactive, wholly inclusive and always collaborative. Rob works with clients to encourage solutions from within and firmly believes that the “teacher will always appear when the student is ready”.  Rob leads with his own energetic approach and allows his wealth of knowledge and experience to shape every aspect of his facilitation work. Rob feels that as human beings we do many wonderful things, but, as history teaches us, we are also capable of terrible things too. Rob believes that we can all acknowledge and unlearn negative habits by working together to renew and safeguard positive behaviour. Rob’s approach prioritises a safe learning environment which promotes effective performance via appreciative inquiry.

Rob underlines the importance of faith, family and healthy interaction with friends in everything he does and all that he is.

Rob lives in Harrow with his wife and their two children.