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Vishwam Heckert

Well-Being Coach and Trainer

Over the past twenty years, I have worked with diverse individuals, groups and organisations across business, voluntary, care and educational sectors to help them discover and develop their capacities by reducing stress, improving relationships and clarifying processes.

I provide clients with insightful questions, heartful facilitation, and expert coaching and training in essential skills. I bring compassion, commitment and integrity to my work with others to help them shine.

Stress in the workplace is a major expense, both financially and in terms of human health. Training staff in stress reduction and stress relief techniques can radically improve workplace harmony and efficiency. I provide effective group training and 1:1 coaching in techniques from heartfulness-based yoga practice for a healthy body, open heart and clear, calm and contented mind.

I’m seeing again and again with clients that individual and organisational patterns can change quickly and even joyfully. I wish more people knew how much fun growth, healing and development can be!

Example training courses include:

  • Creative Diversity Training
  • Heartful Communication
  • Wellbeing and Stress Relief
  • Meditation and Heart Mindfulness for the Workplace
  • Yoga for Happy Minds and Healthy Bodies at Work

I have a BA in psychology, a PhD in Sociology on relationships and organisation and over 500 hours of yoga teacher training including specialist therapeutic mindfulness and bodywork techniques for health, happiness and wellbeing. In addition to work, I love my daily yoga and meditation practice, volunteering to support a global charity working with some of the most impoverished people around the world, walking through the hills of the Peak District and meeting wonderful people in my travels around Britain and internationally. I also make very good cakes.