Facilitation Techniques for Chairing or Running Effective Meetings 

What is the Running Effective Meetings Course about? 

The Facilitating and Running Effective Meetings course is about learning how to manage time and keep focus, listen effectively, grasp issues quickly, absorb and bring structure to new information and respond to needs sensitively. Whether leading meetings or facilitating discussions, you need to have the techniques to plan and be in charge of them so that they run effectively and efficiently. 

Who is this course for? 

This skills course for running or chairing meetings is for team leaders, supervisors, managers and leaders responsible for chairing or managing the running of workplace or organisational meetings. Not just running a meeting beut getting the most out of the time invested by all involved in the meeting. 

How will the organisation benefit? 

When meetings are run effectively many benefits flow including: 
Time being used efficiently 
Participants being prepared, motivated and fully engaged 
Quality decisions and actions being agreed and committed too 
Discussions adding real value to overall objectives 
Strengthening of team bonds and relationships 

What will you learn on the course? – a typical course content 

You will be able to: 
Identify the purpose of meetings and clarify roles 
Explore different types of meetings 
Create structures to suite different purposes of meetings 
Understand the planning process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness 
Open meetings effectively AND sustain energy, pace and clarity of purpose 
Facilitate discussion and encourage co-operation, collaboration and balanced contribution 
Keep focus and manage time 
Overcome objections and deal with obstacles 
Enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication skills 
Summarise topics of discussion and promote ownership of future actions 
Ensure follow-up and feedback 

How is this Running Effective Meetings Course delivered? 

Classroom / Workshop 

One to One Coaching 

Action Learning Groups 

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