Developing the business skills of your organisation’s Leaders 

As organisations face dynamic markets and increasing uncertainty leaders need resilience and courage to navigate their organisations through these challenging times – to be assertive, responsive and willing to take risks. 

InterCHANGE: Tailored Leadership Development Training Courses 

We support leaders and top teams to develop these qualities and articulate a powerful and coherent vision which staff can translate into realistic programmes of action. 
Our clients benefit from building upon their existing strengths and growing them into inspirational leadership and team qualities. 
We will work with you to design Management and Leadership Development Training programmes that are tailored and relevant to your culture, learning needs and organisational objectives. 

Training for Organisation Leaders & Managers of the Workforce 

Tailored Management & Leadership Development Training Courses 

Leadership Development Programme 

Develop your leaders to inspire and drive the organisation forward. 

Management Skills Training Programme 

Immersive management training programme for business leaders. 

First Time and New Managers Skills Training 

Harnessing the full potential of your new managers. 

Business Team Building Skills Training 

Building strong teams that work efficiently and effectively. 

Leading and Developing a Positive Workplace 

Inclusion & Diversity in the Workplace 

Promoting a more inclusive diverse workplace. 

Managing the Pressures of Work for Managers 

Promoting well-being and resilience in the workplace. 

Conflict Resolution Management Training 

Managing and resolving conflict & disputes in the workplace. 

Gender Equality Awareness Training 

Improve communication and promote an inclusive culture. 

Being Heart-Centred 

Heart-centred mindfulness is a powerful tool which deepens connection with ourselves and each other. 


Mediation is a process by which an impartial third party assists people in a dispute to explore and understand their differences. 

Heart-Centred Meditation Programme 

This programme offers 6 x weekly meditation sessions of 30 minutes. 

Tailored Strategy & Business Planning Courses 

Change Management in Organisations 

Creating positive responses to change in the workplace. 

Business Planning and Strategic Thinking 

Developing the strategic thinking skills of your managers. 

Business Project Management Training 

Developing, planning, and delivering successful projects. 

Facilitations Skills Training for Leaders 

Facilitation techniques for effective meetings, training, and discussions in the workplace. 

Mind maps and Moving Forward 

Boosting creativity, strategic thinking, problem solving, resourcefulness. 

Communication Skills Courses for Leaders and Managers 

Coaching Skills Training for Managers 

Workplace coaching skills for improved staff and team performance. 

Effective Influencing Skills in Business 

Influencing skills and persuasion techniques for business. 

Business Negotiating Skills for Managers 

Develop effective negotiating and influencing skills to get what you want done. 

Train The Trainer For In-House Training 

Developing your in-house trainers skills to develop your organisation’s teams. 

Review and Feedback Courses 

Goal Setting Skills for Managers 

Giving Constructive feedback that has a positive effect. 

Performance & Appraisals Skills for Managers 

How to conduct employee performance reviews and appraisals. 

Recruitment, Selection & Interview Skills Training 

Improve your recruitment and selection process and employ the best staff. 
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