Release a natural flow of success and ease in your organisation 

What is being Heart-Centred about? 

Being Heart-Centered is a powerful way to deepen the connection with ourselves and each other, facilitating healthier and happier relationships and improved individual and organisational performance.  
When a Heart-Centered approach becomes embedded within an organization’s culture remarkable outcomes unfold. A natural flow of success and ease is released as the connectivity within the whole system is strengthened and expanded. 

Benefits of being Heart-Centred include: 

Increased customer satisfaction and repeat business. Customers return to businesses which offer an attentive, efficient and caring service. When staff are peaceful and joyful, they are more likely to have the inner resources and patience to respond to a customer’s needs. They can think more clearly, listen carefully to clarify and resolve issues or problems quickly, and draw on the cooperation of colleagues for support and help when needed. Customers and clients are naturally delighted, and this positive energy attracts more business. 
Improved staff recruitment and retention. People want to work in a place which genuinely cares for their complete wellbeing and where nurturing relationships can flourish. By reducing stress, improving communication and supporting individuals to thrive, staff recruitment and retention will naturally improve. 
Developing creativity and boosting productivity. Inspiration and true innovation come more easily to a steady mind which can both focus on details and step back to take in the bigger picture. By preserving energy for productive and creative uses of time, stress relief training can substantially improve workplace wellbeing and efficiency. 
Clarifying organisational values. What are the values you would like to see expressed in every aspect of your business? Taking time to clarify this together can improve teamwork, increase workers investment in the business, and contribute even more positively to your local area and the wider world. 

Heart-Centred Training Topics 

Breathing Space 

We know from scientific research and centuries of yoga practice that there is a direct connection between how we breathe and the state of our nervous system. By retraining the breath, we can help ourselves stay calm even in the face of great challenges 

Heart-Centred Communication 

How much time, money and sleep is lost from miscommunication or an ill spoken word? Our trainers can share with you powerful techniques to improve the quality of listening and clarity of speech. By drawing awareness to the motivations behind our words and being compassionate with ourselves and others, open hearted communication flows easily. Working relationships improve and genuine connections develop 

Heart-Centred Meditation 

Working with a wide variety of people over many years, we have discovered that focusing on the heart brings peace to the mind. The practice is simple and deeply transformative. We have observed that a daily practice of just six weeks leads to substantial benefits (including calm mind, open heart and happier life) which continue to increase over time. 

Resilient Bodies 

Stress is stored in the body, often for many years. If it is not released, chronic stress can lead to serious health conditions. Learning how to relax the body, release stress, soften and stretch aching muscles improves health, vitality and productivity. Every kind of work places different challenges on a body. By increasing resilience, these challenges can be met with greater ease and maybe even enjoyment 

Heart-Centred Facilitation 

When we bring a heartful approach to facilitation, it becomes much easier to welcome diverse opinions and find a way forward together. In this way, everyone is able to offer their best skills and ideas, learn from each other and work as an effective and convivial team. Heartful Facilitation training can completely transform your experience of holding meetings. 
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