Facilitation techniques for effective meetings, training and  discussions in the workplace. 

What is the Facilitation Skills Training course about? 

This Facilitation Skills Training is about learning how to prepare, design and effectively facilitate groups. It will give you the opportunity to learn how to ensure high levels of participation and creativity, identify your strengths as a facilitator, and gain the confidence and skills to help groups consider and generate ideas, solve problems, plan and commit to action. 

Who is the Facilitation Skills Training course for? 

Our tailored Facilitation Skills training course is for anyone who needs to facilitate a group in any context, including: team meetings, training sessions, discussion groups, strategic planning and problems solving sessions.  
The facilitation skills training can be adapted for different levels and job functions from team members right through to senior teams. InterCHANGE will discuss who wishes to attend the training and what their specific requirements are. 

How will the organisation benefit? 

When groups benefit from good facilitation the quality of discussion and outputs tend to be higher than those that are not. People are more motivated to prepare, engage fully and have the confidence to speak up with the difficult things if they feel safe in the hands of the facilitator.  
Decisions are clearer, commitment to action stronger and productively higher. 

What will you learn on the course? – a typical course content 

Contract productive relationships with groups. 
Prepare and facilitate sessions that achieve stated outcomes. 
Sustain high levels of participation and creativity in groups. 
Help groups consider and generate ideas, solve problems, plan and commitment to action. 
Deal with challenges and difficult group behaviours. 
Develop actions plans to support ongoing learning. 

How is the Facilitation Skills  training course delivered? 

Classroom / Workshop 

One to One Coaching 

Action Learning Groups 

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