Promoting Well-Being and Resilience in the workplace for those  leading and managing others 

What is the Managing Pressures at Work for Leaders course about? 

In business ‘pressure’ can be positive, providing us with the spur and excitement to meet work deadlines, be creative and find solutions. Too much pressure in our job however, can turn into energy sapping stress leaving us feeling exhausted and unable to cope. 
The InterCHANGE Managing Pressures at Work Training for Leaders is about recognising the signs of stress in yourself and others and understanding your duty of care to staff and sustaining a sense of well-being and motivation within yourself and your teams. 

Who is the Managing Pressures at Work for Leaders course for? 

Our tailored Managing Pressures at Work training can be adapted for different levels and job functions from team leaders through to senior teams. 
Different organisations face different challenges, pressures and work related stress, InterCHANGE will discuss with you who wishes to attend the training and what specific pressures the individuals and their teams face. 
From this information InterCHANGE will develop a tailored training course. 

How will the organisation benefit? 

When leaders and managers model good self-care, in the face of workplace pressure, and actively promote virtues of sustainable achievement, staff are more likely to develop resilience, be creative, productive and self-reliant. 

What will you learn on the course? – a typical course content 

Learning aims – you will be able to: 
Understand the difference between pressure and stress in the workplace. 
Identify your locus of control and explore ways to sustain a positive response to stressors. 
Use skills and approaches to carry out duty of care, including: 
- Having Supportive Conversations 
- Wellbeing resources and referring staff 
Using the most appropriate management style to motivate staff and promote healthy and sustainable working practices. 
Achieve a broad understanding of their duty of care, including: 
- HSE Stress Management Standards 
Brief overview of relevant legislation. 
The organisation’s stress management policy. 
Develop resilience including: wheel of life, time management tips, well-being account, breathing and relaxation exercises and mindfulness. 
Develop ways to sustain learning. 
Explore the causes of excessive pressure. 
Learn and practice communication methods to help manage pressure positively. 
Review organisational support mechanisms e.g. EAP. 
Develop a self-care action plan to sustain learning. 

How is the Leadership Development Programme delivered? 

Classroom / Workshop 

One to One Coaching 

Action Learning Groups 

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