Communicate more effectively, understand each other's perspectives,  and explore potential solutions 

What is mediation? 

Mediation is a process by which an impartial third party assists people in a dispute to explore and understand their differences, and if possible, to settle them. The parties, not the mediator, dictate the terms of any agreement. 

What happens and what do people get out of mediation? 

It is a structured, step-by-step process. 
It is confidential and speedy. 
There are separate meetings, then a joint session if appropriate. 
Issues are clarified. 
Options are created. 
Win/win solutions are sought. 
Understanding/information that can improve future relationships. 
Better communication if future problems occur. 
Clarification about misunderstandings. 
Less stress, more confidence. 

What do mediators do? 

Remain impartial, don’t judge. 
Listen and help people listen to one another. 
Help people communicate. 
Create a safe environment. 
Manage conflict constructively. 
Help people think more creatively about solutions. 

The sequence of Mediation 

Stage 1 - First contact with the first party. 
Stage 2 - First contact with the second party. 
Stage 3 - Assessing the best way forward/preparation for setting up a joint meeting. 
Stage 4 - Setting the scene and hearing the issues. 
Stage 5 - Exploring and working on the issues 
Stage 6 - Building agreements 
Stage 7 - Closure 
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