Improve your recruitment and selection process and employ the best staff 

What is the Interview Skills Training Course about? 

The recruitment & selection process can be challenging. Getting it right is important for the success of your organisation. 
Attending the Interview Skills Training course will improve your recruitment and selection process. 
Learn how to write great job adverts that attract the right calibre applicants, discover how to select the best candidates for interview and find the right person to fill a job vacancy, every time. 

Who is the Interview Skills Training Course for? 

This recruitment and interview skills training course is for anyone involved in the selection process, including all panel members. The course ensures a consistency of approach towards selecting and interviewing candidates which is fair and robust. 

How will the organisation benefit? 

Recruiting the right person will bring skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of the whole organisation. 
Selecting the wrong person can create knock-on effects including lower work performance, an increased need for training, higher staff turnover, discrimination claims; and conflict. This workshop will support you to get the right person! 

What will you learn on the course? – a typical course content 

You will be able to: 
Understand how Equality & Diversity legislation impacts on the interview process. 
Understand and explain the overall recruitment, selection and employment cycle in relation to best practice. 
Link the learning and insights of the course to the organisation’s recruitment process guidelines to ensure consistency. 
Recruit people who will add value to the organisation and be the best possible fit for the position. 
Understand the criteria needed for the job and how this relates to the skills that are required. 
Conduct an interview with confidence and fairness. 

How is the Interview Skills Training Course delivered? 

Classroom / Workshop 

One to One Coaching 

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