Effectively managing your time and workload 

What is the Time and Workload Management Training course about? 

Juggling conflicting demands in a busy office can be frustrating and challenging. This Time and Workload Management Training is about how to effectively prioritise; negotiate realistic workloads and manage expectations. Equipped with these skills and an understanding of how to take ‘time out’, even on a busy day, you will be able to get the job done and stay sane! This is exactly what this practical workshop teaches you – practical, easy to use tools which will help you to successfully take control of your time and workload. 

Who is the Time and Workload Management Training course for? 

Our tailored Time and Workload Management training programme can be adapted for different levels and job functions from new starters through to senior teams. InterCHANGE will discuss who wishes to attend the training and what their specific requirements are. 

How will the organisation benefit? 

When staff are able to negotiate realistic workloads and flex priorities within a fluid environment they are more likely to get tasks done on time and to a high standard. This breeds success, giving enough capacity within the system for people to respond well to the unexpected, crisis or new opportunity. The organisation is flexible, fluid and functioning at its best. 

What will you learn on the course? – a typical course content 

Clarify and prioritise your objectives, goals and daily tasks 
Understand the difference between ‘urgent & important’ activities 
Negotiate realistic workloads and stay calm under pressure 
Effectively communicate and manage other people’s expectations 
Use practical techniques for managing and organising workload 
Identify the most common time wasters and banish them to the bin! 
Managing the flow of paperwork 
Understand the causes of procrastination and explore how to be more decisive 
Adopt appropriate strategies for dealing with interruptions, distractions and the unforeseen eventualities 
Improve service levels and boost client satisfaction 
Develop a self-management action plan 

How is the Leadership Development Programme delivered? 

Classroom / Workshop 

One to One Coaching 

Participant Feedback 

"InterCHANGE People Development have delivered an effective Time and Workload Management programme for Optivo colleagues over the last year. As a result of positive feedback, we continue to offer this programme to our colleagues 
The programme offers pragmatic tools that participants can apply to their daily challenges. Colleagues leave the workshops feeling empowered to make changes and positively assert their boundaries to help them keep on track with work schedules and maintain a healthy balance in their lives. 
InterCHANGE has worked closely with us to create a programme tailored to our needs and we’re very pleased with the programme which is engaging and motivating." 
Tina Edwards, Director of Learning and Organisational Development 

How effective was the trainer at engaging you with your learning? 

80% said Very Effective 
20% said Effective 
“Felt very engaged with the Trainer, she made the Training interesting and enjoyable.” 
“Catherine is a pleasant, professional and knowledgeable trainer.” 
“Catherine was very engaging with the group.” 
“She is excellent at understanding where participants are in the learning and suggesting ways to benefit them.” 

Which part/s of the learning did you find most valuable and why? 

“Taking the time to evaluate if the outcome is worth the time involved. The priority matrix was also really useful as were the tips around making the most of your own most productive time and scheduling your day around that. “ 
“The aspects of psychology were very interesting and I actually learned a lot about myself.” 
“Everyone was able to engage throughout the 3 parts of the course and I also felt that it was a safe environment to share experience and also ask for advice.” 
“Techniques that we have been taught will be taken away.” 
“Opportunity to reflect on and critically assess own practice” 

Would you recommend this course to a colleague? 

100% said Yes 
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