Helping the Young to be the Managers of our future 

Our mentoring programmes help young people to communicate effectively, support their peers and grow in confidence and self-awareness. These skills and qualities are for life and can boost students’ employability and self-efficacy. 

Training Programmes for Teachers, Support Staff and Volunteers 

We also help teachers, support staff and volunteers to inspire and motivate young people through our training partnership with the MOSAIC project, with corporates as part of their corporate social responsibility activities or directly training in schools. 

What our clients say... 

Jonathan Freeman, National Director, Mosaic describes the experience of working with InterCHANGE. 

Work Skills for Young People &  Volunteer Mentoring Courses 

Training & Courses For Student Mentors and Vounteers 

Volunteer Mentoring Skills Training 

Equipping volunteer mentors with the skills to support others 

Peer Mentoring Programme for Students 

Developing student mentors skills to support their peers 

Developing Resilience for Students & Mentors 

Helping the young thrive in a modern work environment 

Mentoring Skills for Teachers & Support Staff 

Learn to use mentoring skills to help the young fulfil their potential 

Training & Courses To Help The Young Prepare For Work 

Preparing the Young for Apprenticeships 

Helping young people prepare for an apprentice role. 

Helping Young People Enter the World of Work 

Training to help prepare young people for their first job 

Making a Positive Impact in Work 

Learning how to perform well and create a great impression 

Job Applications & Preparing for Interviews 

Techniques to apply for jobs and succeed at interviews 
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