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Project Description

St Giles

Olivea Ebanks, from InterCHANGE People Development, has facilitated development sessions for our Executive Team and delivered a significant training programme,  Communicating in today’s diverse workplace, for all staff members.  The training has been amazing and the feedback very positive. Olivea has an in-depth knowledge of the subject and her relaxed, yet focused delivery ensures participants fully engage with all aspects of the programme – minds and hearts have been opened, stretched and changed resulting in more conscious behaviour.

InterCHANGE is a fantastic company to work with – efficient, genuinely interested in us as people and our charitable work and offers valuable support and reflection time during training programmes.  Thank you, I would highly recommend InterCHANGEpd.

Here are some comments from participants.

  • I felt Olivea did a fantastic job today. Jovial, concise and took in what everyone had to say. Well-presented course and not at all boring. Well done Olivea!!
  • Open, calm and warm approach certainly helped in facilitating what can be difficult themes.
  • Olivea’s style was superb. Her approach was extremely engaging and inclusive of all in the room. I was very motivated by her delivery and learnt a great deal from it

Stellamaris Mohammed

Head of Human Resources  

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