Tailored design for sustainable learning 

We will work closely with you on this cycle of continuous improvement to ensure the highest possible quality both in terms of delivery and outcomes. 
We advocate a sustainable learning approach to help embed new skills and behaviours and promote productivity and development. Our Tailored Business Courses & Training Programmes integrate pre-training self-assessment; programme delivery; self-reflection, peer coaching and Action Learning groups (ALGs) and follow up reviews and support which can be face to face, phone or using virtual conferencing technologies. 

Our service is both personal and professional 

Your dedicated InterCHANGE consultant works very closely with you to fully understand your needs.We design a programme of training and/or development specifically tailored to fulfil your objectives.From amongst our team of highly experienced training and development professionals, we select the Associate/s who are the best fit to work with you.Our programmes can be delivered in a combination of full days, half days or shorter sessions and can take the form of group work, one-to-one coaching, phone and online distance support.Collated feedback and follow-up reviews embed learning and support continuous progress and improvement.We are constantly reflecting on and reviewing our own performance at InterCHANGE to make sure that our services get better and better. 

How InterCHANGE deliver courses 

Group Training 

Group Workshop 

One to One Coaching 

Action Learning Groups 

Theatre Forum 

Open Space 


Online / Skype / Zoom 

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