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Work Skills for Young People & Volunteer Mentors

Volunteer Mentoring & Work Skills Training Programmes for Young People

Our mentoring programmes help young people to communicate effectively, support their peers and grow in confidence and self-awareness.   These skills and qualities are for life and can boost students’ employability and self-efficacy.

Training Programmes for Teachers, Support Staff and Volunteers

We also help teachers, support staff and volunteers to inspire and motivate young people through our training partnership with the MOSAIC project, with corporates as part of their corporate social responsibility activities or directly training in schools.

We are now delivering our courses via Zoom. We have had a great response to this method and it means you can continue your business and personal development. We are happy to answer any queries that you may have about the delivery. Please get in touch for more details.

What Our Clients Say

Jonathan Freeman, National Director, Mosaic describes the experience of working with InterCHANGE.

Work Skills for Young People & Volunteer Mentoring Courses

Training & Courses For Student Mentors and Vounteers

Training & Courses To Help The Young Prepare For Work

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