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Preparing The Young For Apprenticeships

Helping young people prepare for an apprentice role

What is the Preparing the Young for Apprenticeships course about?

Providing the right support for young people embarking on apprenticeships is key to making the process positive and successful both for the apprentice and employer. This training to help young people achieve their apprenticeship is about learning and applying the communication skills and approaches that will best dovetail the requirements of the qualification with the business objectives.

Who is the Preparing the Young for Apprenticeships course for?

This training for Supporting young people to achieve apprenticeships in the workplace is for all managers, supervisors and team leaders who are responsibility for line managing and supporting apprentices to achieve their qualification and become a successful employee.

How will the organisation benefit?

When managers are able to support apprentices to gather evidence to meet assessment criteria AND integrate this with the achievement of business objectives productivity and creativity are boosted.

What will you learn on the course?  – a typical course content

You will be able to:

  • Understand the basic structure of an apprenticeship, how it is assessed and the line manager’s role
  • Support the Apprentice through using a variety of coaching and mentoring skills to empower young people to discovery of their own answers
  • Review and strengthen your reflective listening and questioning skills
  • Give developmental and positive feedback to the Apprentice
  • Motivate the Apprentice and help them achieve their objectives and those of the organisation
  • Develop different approaches to appeal to a range of learning styles
  • Practise coaching skills through role play and feedback
  • Develop action plan for sustainable learning
Preparing the Young for Apprenticeships Course
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